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Pioneer Life - facts on pioneer’s life

Early pioneers faced a strange life with many difficulties. Travel was slow, mainly by covered wagons large enough to carry a family and its possessions. The pioneers faced hostile Indians and extremes of climate. But most of their problems arose because of the conditions of unsettled land, such as lack of roads. Often, forests had to be cleared to provide farmland and sites for building.

During rainy seasons, wagons stuck in the mud. No bridges existed, and rafts had to be built to cross rivers and streams. Scouts went out to find the best possible routes, and to check whether Indians were in the area. It was relatively easy to build houses in the Appalachian area, because many forests grew there.

Facts on pioneers life: frontier settlement

Facts on pioneers life: pioneer with his family

Facts on pioneer’s life:

An old lithograph shows a frontier settlement

Facts on pioneer’s life:

A pioneer with his family. Their clothes were made from homespun wool and buckskin

Wooden pegs had to be used when no metal nails were available. In the Great Plains, where there were no forests, houses had to be made of earth. The pioneers had no glass. Windows, if any, were made of greased paper. There were no stores on their route, so supplies were precious.

That is the interesting facts on pioneer’s life - goods which the pioneers had to make for themselves included soap, candles, furniture, farming and mining tools, shoes and clothing, and cloth. Dresses and men's shirts were homespun, but most clothes worn by men and children were adopted from the Indians. They included buckskin jackets, trousers and moccasins.

Food was simple. Many dishes, such as cornbread and hominy grits, were based on corn which families brought with them. Baked beans with pork were also a favorite dish. Later, when settlements were founded and gardens were planted, a variety of vegetables became available. These were cooked with meat in large iron pots. Salt was scarce.

Parents educated their own children. Girls were taught by their mothers how to cook, weave cloth and nurse. Fathers taught their sons how to scout, trap animals, chop down trees, fish and farm. Men and women alike knew how to shoot rifles. Life inside the one-roomed houses centered around the fire, the source of heat and light.

Fun came mainly in the form of music and dancing. Men also enjoyed shooting matches, archery and wrestling. But most entertainment was connected with work as well as play. Husking bees were held, women made quilts and all enjoyed house and barn raising parties.

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