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Novel People - list of novelist

Novel People have told stories from earliest times to entertain each other. These early stories were probably entertaining versions of historical events, often told in ballad form. The written work of fiction we call the novel developed from these beginnings.

Charlotte Bronte - see list of novelist Thomas Hardy - see list of novelist

Charlotte Bronte - see list of novelist

Thomas Hardy - see list of novelist

The framework of the story is called its plot. Our attention is usually held by one or two main characters, whose progress we trace to a climax or final outcome. The characters and events are usually depicted like those of real life. The story may be told in the first person, as if one of the characters is telling it himself.

Jane Austen - see list of novelist George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) - see list of novelist

Jane Austen - see list of novelist

George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) - see list of novelist

This limits the writer to describing only those events and thoughts experienced by this character. By 'standing outside' the story, the author can tell us much more. Various time sequences may also be used. The events of the story may be told as they happen, or we may be led back and forth in time. Below you can see the list of novelist with examples of their important work

List of novelist with examples of their famous work

Miguel Cervantes (Spanish novelist, 1547-1616 ) - Quixote
John Bunyan (English, 1628-88) - Pilgrim's Progress
Daniel Defoe (English novelist, 1660-1731) - Robinson Crusoe
Jonathan Swift (Anglo-Irish, 1667-1745) - Gulliver'sTravels
Samuel Richardson (English novelist, 1689-1761) - Pamela
Henry Fielding (English, 1707-54) - Tom Jones
Laurence Sterne (English, 1713-68) - Tristram Shandy
Tobias Smollett (English, 1721-71) - Roderick Random
Sir Walter Scott (Scottish novelist, 1771-1832) - Waverley
Jane Austen (English, 1775-1817) - Prejudice
Honore de Balzac (French, 1799-1856) - Le Pere Goriot
Nathaniel Hawthorne (American, 1804-64) - The Scarlet Letter
William Thackeray (English, 1811-63) -Vanity Fair
Charles Dickens (English, 1812-70) -David Copperfield
Charlotte Bronte (English novelist, 1816-55) -Jane Eyre
Emily Bronte (English, 1818-48) - Wuthering Heights
Anthony Trollope (English, 1815-82) - Barchester Towers
George Eliot (English, 1819-80) - The Mill on the Floss
Gustave Flaubert (French, 1821-80) - Madame Bovary
Feodor Dostoievsky (Russian, 1821-81) - Crime and Pun¬ishment
Leo Tolstoy (Russian, 1828-1910) - War and Peace
Herman Melville (American, 1819-91) - Moby Dick
George Meredith (English, 1828-1902) -The Egoist
Mark Twain (American, 1835-1910) - Huckleberry Finn
Emile Zola (French, 1840-1902) - Nana
Thomas Hardy (English novelist, 1840-1928) - The Mayor of Casterbridge
Marcel Proust (French, 1871-1922) - Remembrance of Things Past
Joseph Conrad (British, 1857-1924) - Lord Jim
Henry James (American, 1843-1916) - Portrait of a Lady
James Joyce (Irish, 1882-1941) - Portrait/f of the Artist as a Young Man
Thomas Mann (German novelist, 1875-1955) - Buddenbrooks
Franz Kafka (Czech, 1883-1924) - The Trial
E. M. Forster (English, 1879-1970) - Howard's End
D. H. Lawrence (English, 1885-1930) - Sons and Lovers
F. Scott Fitzgerald (American novelist, 1896-1940) - Trie Greaf Gatsby
Boris Pasternak (Russian novelist, 1890-1960) - Doctor Zhivago
Aldous Huxley (English, 1894 -1963) - Brave New World
Ernest Hemingway (American novelist, 1898-1961) - The Old Man and the Sea
George Orwell (English, 1903-50) - Nineteen Eighty-Four
Grahame Greene (English novelist) - Brighton Rock
Mikhail Sholokov (Russian) - And Quiet Flows the Don
William Golding (English) - Lord of the Flies

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