5 Key Digital Marketing Trends for Businesses

Online marketing or internet marketing as it is called has come with its benefits and challenges. Businesses have however found it difficult to utilize the different digital marketing strategies, especially when it comes to converting leads to paying customers.

In addition to accelerating inbound marketing being a primary focus, technological advancements continue to occur, with social media platforms seemingly living a life of their own. For businesses looking to leverage online advertising, below are some trends to watch out for and probably key into.

In-store marketing


While this might not sound like the traditional digital marketing most people are familiar with; it is a trend that should be observed. The gap between physical and online sales techniques seem to be getting narrower, and businesses should watch the space.

With over 80 percent of people using their smartphones in-store and over 70 percent of them claiming to be willing to receive location-based mobile alerts, businesses need to intensify their in-store marketing strategies. Capturing customers in-store using digital techniques can ensure effective means of conversion.

A favorite American supermarket, Target, is a good example of a store that has been able to use in-store marketing to increase sales and customer engagement.

Live video


More people are embracing technological advancements. Consequently, they are becoming more interested in connecting with brands and stores. Online video is said to account for as much as half of all mobile traffic in the past year, with a significant increase in video sharing and content creation.

Live videos have also become a primary social media marketing tool with the likes of Facebook and Periscope making it easier for brands to connect with their followers and fans in real-time. This also allows customers and businesses to communicate effectively using live broadcasts and this consequently helps in promoting the business online and even offline.

Expiring social content


Significant changes should be expected in the way social media is being used or consumed as the case may be. This is particularly due to the way the big players are trying to monopolize the market.

Facebook acquired Whatsapp just as Twitter bought Periscope and social media seem to be consolidated, which could lead to significant changes in the way these platforms operate. Therefore, businesses need to stay updated with the latest changes and act accordingly.

One major trend expected in the world of digital marketing is the concept of expiring content. Expiring content allows brands to cut through noise and clutter and subsequently capture the attention of their target audience without spending massively.

Snapchat is one of the pioneers of this concept and Whatsapp has also adopted the idea. The success of the tactic is evident, as the likes of Instagram also picked up the model, subsequently causing rivalry between both platforms.


Wearable mobile devices


Currently, there are over 7 billion active mobile devices in the world, and that is even more than the number of people in the world. Therefore, businesses need to understand the concept of smartphone marketing and how to harness the benefits.

The wearable market surpassed the $2 billion mark in 2015 and exceeded 4 billion in 2017. Therefore, brands and businesses need to be abreast of the developments and ensure that they use them to improve the quality of user experience and increase sales.

Interactive Content


Aaron Agius, a digital marketing expert, said that interactive digital content is going to come into its own in 2017. He was not far from the truth, as the interactive digital content seems to have taken over digital marketing.

Engagement is everything when it comes to internet or search engine marketing, and the target audience has actually been converted into consumers and returning customers.

Interactive digital content, unlike static content, has been identified to generate conversions of over 70 percent. The concept also serves as a competitive differentiator, proving useful in intimating buyers on the products and the brand.

Digital technology is getting more sophisticated and so should digital commerce. Therefore, businesses need to add more value to their brand by embracing digital marketing trends and harness the inherent benefits of the concept.